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wagon wheel ranch quarter horses
Red roan quarter horses
Red roan quarter horses
Our horses and their pedigrees carry significant percentages of the blood of many legendary sires: King P-234; Joe Hancock; Red Man; Roan Hancock, Buck Hancock; King County Joe; Blue Valentine; Three Bars (TB); Two Eyed Jack; Leo; Joe Reed; Joe Reed II; Mr. San Peppy; Top Deck (TB); and Bert.  We select for good conformation with an emphasis on good feet, legs and good dispositions. Call Toll Free 1-888-594-6773. Click here to read more about our program.
About Stallions Sales Broodmares Photo Gallery
About Stallions Sales Broodmares Photo Gallery

We've added a selection of articles to our Library and Legends pages as a resource for our visitors to read about the quarter horses that started it all.  This will be a growing resource library for your convenience and reading enjoyment. Click to Read About the Legends.

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