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Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses have been showing the walking stick brand around the country for several years now, and have done themselves proud for many of our customers through those years. We have had the pleasure of talking to many satisfied customers from the beginning in 1978 to the present. So it occurred to me, recently, that it would be nice to share some of those "testimonials" with all of our customers, and with those of you out there on the internet who might be interested in our kind of horses for yourselves. With that thought in mind, I sent out a letter to many of you who have bought horses from us through the years. However, we missed a lot of our early customers because we didn't keep records on our sales until a few years ago. If you are a satisfied customer, who did not get our recent letter, we would be very happy to post your letter on this web site. Send your letter to:

Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses
Attn: Fred G. Gist
312 East Illinois
Midland, TX 79701
or email it to fred@gisthorses.com

Many thanks to those of you who have already taken time to send in your "testimonial" letters! You can now see those letters, on this web site, along with those sent in by other customers. Also, thanks to those of you who are still working on your letters, and to those of you who are still trying to find the time, and are going to get it done sooner or later!

Thanks also to those of you who aren't currently our customers, but are taking time to look at our web site, and read what our customers have to say about our horses.


Fred G. Gist



May 26, 2008

Dear Fred,

Wanted to drop a line to let you know how the colt I bought a couple years ago is doing. He is by WWR Goldnuggett and out of a Two Eyed Jack mare of yours. We started him last winter and he was a real pleasure from day one. As we had such a long wet winter, I decided to move him to a friends place with an indoor arena. We started him on cattle about 45 days ago. As you know, I am in the rope horse business. However, I start all my young horses as if they were going to be cutters. This serves them well to bring the cow out, and put a handle on them. This colt was started about 30 days after some of the "cutting bred" foals and is working cattle better than all but one of them. He is made better than I could have hoped for, and is a golden Palomino to top all off. Thank you Fred for offering us the opportunity to own this fine colt.

Charles and Chris Akin
Circle C Quarter Horses



May 1, 2008

Good morning John,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with WWR King Jack Lady. She has a wonderful temperament, and is smart as all get out. She's been very easy to teach things to and expose to new things. I had her trimmed yesterday and my blacksmith couldn't get over how well mannered she is about her feet. She truly is an outstanding filly.

Stephanie from Massachusetts



December 25, 2007
Re: Miss Jess Hankins

Dear Gist Family,

Christmas greetings to you all and a happy new year!

"Jessie" is doing very well in Sweden, unfortunately she was not pregnant but we went ahead with her training instead. She is now well broke and lopes, stops and turns very easily, a real super horse! My children say she is the kindest horse we have, and they are probably right. We have been breeding quarter horses for twenty years and haven't managed to produce a better horse than this one.

Hope everything is well with you and your family.

Very best regards from Krister & Margona, Oliver, William and Adam in Sweden



October 31 , 2007

Dear Mr Gist,

I just wanted to let you know that your breeding shines through the generations. I own a champagne son of Morgan Gist (Hankins Goldnugget out of Our Lightfoot Lady). He is the best horse I have ever owned. He is quiet, kind, and smart. He is six and due to a cash flow issue, I have JUST sent him into training. The trainer said "He is perfect in every way". She also would like first shot if ever I sell him. He has six foals on the ground and he is passing on those great genes! I was so happy to find your website and see my Champ's grandsire. Thanks again!

Kathy in Massachusetts



February 22, 2007

Gail Johanson purchased GJ Fancy Blue Jeans (6-16-2004 blue roan mare) as a weaner at our September 18, 2004 Sale. She sold GJ Fancy Blue Jeans at the San Antonio Select Sale on February 10, 2007 for $7500.

Congratulations, Gail.

GJ Fancy Blue Jeans

GJ Fancy Blue Jeans  GJ Fancy Blue Jeans

GJ Fancy Blue Jeans


Brett Spader - Kansas Stockman

RJ King Gold Cowboy
Owned by Robert & Judy Gambino of Monroe, Louisiana
Trained and ridden by James Scroggs of Kelly, Louisiana

2006 Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA) World Championship Show
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reserve World Champion - Heeling
3rd Place - Heading
3rd Place - Steer Stopping

Sire: Cow Bo Country
Kings Acie Poco by Hankins Goldnugget



August 21 , 2006

Blu (Tru Blu Texan) is going really well - the trainer is raving about him! He moves like no other Quarter Horse we've had before, and has the best feet and legs we have ever seen on a Quarter Horse here in Australia.

- from happy customers in West Australia

  Brett Spader - Kansas Stockman
Brett Spader
Kansas Stockman


  June 5, 2006

Hi Mr. Gist,

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you about a stud colt that was born this March. His pedigree is attached and as you can see he is from Walking Stick stock from top to bottom. This is an outstanding foal and came here correct in conformation in every way and as gentle as a puppy. Thank you for spending so much of your time and energy to breed and raise the seed stock that produced such a fine foal.

Yours very truly,

Larry Jacks

  May 24, 2006

Mr Gist:

I have Hank (King Hank Bo) up here in New Hampshire standing at a breeding facility. If you have any late foaling mares that you'd like to breed to him by AI please let me know. I'd be happy to give you one free breeding to him....you'd have to pay the vet the chute fee and shipping....about $250. After that I'm getting $450. per breeding,plus chute.. I told you in a previous message that he has earned his AQHA Superior in Heeling but I haven't heard from you since so I don't know if you got that message. To me, what is most important about his Superior is that it puts bold, black type on the sale page of his foals.

I had bought a daughter of Jae Bar Fletch and bred her to Royal Fletch, a half brother but she slipped the foal late due to the fact that the 6666 ranch missed a twin. But, I got my first offspring by Patriot King (Cow Bo Country X Continental Hankie). I bred him to a palomino line-bred Easter King mare and got a palomino filly, with a blaze and 4 white socks, and she's 30% King P-234. I hope all is well on the Wagon Wheel Ranch.

Jeff Marchand


Dear Mr. Gist:

I thought you'd like some news on King Hank Bo. In his first show year, as a five year old, he earned 28 points in heeling. As such, he also earned his Performance Register of Merit. Additionally he has qualified for the 2004 AQHA World show. He will compete in the preliminary round on Monday November 15th and if he advances to the finals, again on Saturday November 20. As you can imagine I am quite pleased and proud.

If I ever get a breather I intend to send you a video update of my WWR horses. Continental Hankie gave me a nice 2004 filly by Kings Zantanon, a son of Continental King. Jabelina Sugar is in foal to a son of Doc's Sug which is also a grandson of Sugar Bars. I'm also very happy with her 2002 bay roan filly by Plenty Sage Hancock.

I've attached a photo of Continental Hankie's 2002 stud colt by Cow Bo Country- Patriot King (42%). I broke him to ride at a horsemanship clinic and have ridden him a few times since. He is an incredibly smart colt. I hope your sales this year were a big success.

Jeff Marchand


  February 1, 2006

Dear Fred & John,

I justed wanted to give you both an update on our stallion Berts Bayou that we purchased from you in May 2004. This year we will start showing him in reining cow horse events and hopefully win some pointson him through AQHA. I will try and promote and show him as long as I can financially, this is his third year in training and he is doing awesome. Both of my trainers Nonie & David both love Bert and his quiet disposition. We are also expecting two foals from him this year.

Many thanks,

Melissa Ahlers

  Septermber 22, 2005


We got your telephone message.  This horse has developed into an extremely good looking stud with a great disposition.  He is well-behaved and a gentleman.  I handle him and put him on the walker.  He is intelligent and kind.  He has beautiful color with black legs and black head, and has a good looking head.  He has certainly exceeded our expectations.  He seems to be very athletic and we will start his training soon.

The black Buck Hancock King filly you sold us is the best looking horse on our place.  She is not very big, she is very athletic and kind, and it looks like she will make a good cutting horse.  

The other horses are doing great.  The palomino mare (Ms King Forty Two) had a bay filly, and then went right back into cutting training.  She is doing well.  I now have Jae Bar Sugar (our Jae Bar Given daughter) as MY show horse, and we are doing great.  We just went to a cutting in San Angelo.  She has won about $10,000 now.

Interestingly, a friend came over with her daughter to work with Barry on their cutting, and they had just been to a high school rodeo in Grants, NM.  I showed her the blue stud, and she asked what the brand was, because she saw a lot of horses at that rodeo with that brand!  I told her about your horses.

Thats it from New Mexico!



  February 14, 2005

Dear Mr. Gist:

click photo to enlarge

Thank you to the Wagon Wheel Ranch, Fred, Elaine and John Gist for allowing us to purchase the fine own son of As Rebel, Top Deck Trey. He is a high percentage Top Deck stud at 28.125%; Camptown Boy 40.625% - S.I. 95; Three Bars 26.953%; Rebel Cause 25% - S.I. 100. He has become a top contender in the show ring, and has been started in reining where we reside in the Pacific Northwest. He is a gentle, responsive, and eager individual. We have found that he passes on these same qualities, as well as the conformation qualities of his ancestors to his Get! We also purchased an own son of Buck Hancock King, Mr. Blue Buck Hancock, who is 100% Foundation bred. He is Black, and also shows the conformation, and athleticism of his direct ancestors ( 25.781% Joe Hancock; 25% Pig Creek Roan; 14.355% John Wilkins; 12.665% Peter McCue; 12.5% Easter Gentleman; 12.5% Little Brown Joe; and 10.938% Buck Hancock ). We would like to express a special thanks to your crew, Boone Bruton, and P.R. Cline, for showing us all the quality horses the Wagon Wheel has to offer, and helping us locate our personal preference of Stallions to fit our breeding program, as well as the great quality of start for riding they put on these horses. And a Big Thank You to Fred, and Boone, for your hospitality during our many stays on the Wagon Wheel Ranch. Also for making the purchase and transfer of the stallions so easy for us, with the vet certificate, brand certificate, and pre-purchase exams, being cost, and worry free!


Al, Leslie, and Misty Davis
Hunt Mountain Quarter Horses
Hunt Mt. Lane
Baker City, Oregon 97814

Office: (541) 856-3778
Cell: (541) 377-8053


  Dear Mr. Gist:

September 14, 2004

Dear Fred,

Thank you so much for calling me back. The information you gave is very helpful. I want very much to be able to have another one of your horses. "Hancock's Sorrel Lady" is the most wonderful girl. She is everything and more.


Nancy House

  July 22, 2004

Dear Mr. Fred Gist,

I wanted to let you and your son both know that Bert is doing wonderful under saddle and the trainer sees a lot of potential in him as a roping horse in the future. He needs some time to grow up and fill out. We are all very pleased with our purchase from you! I really love the gentle dispositions that these horses have. The disposition is so important to us.


Melissa Ahlers

  September 10, 2004

Three Poco Leo is one of the coolest horses that I have ever ridden! He's now ranked top two in northern Michigan Western Pleasure. I've smoked the pros, and their horses, with him! We entered all twenty six events in one show, and won 21 of them! We came in second or third in the other five events. Three Poco Leo (Leroy) is about 15-3HH, a very smooth traveler, an all around horse; including hunt seat and western pleasure; does great on patterns and showmanship! To sum it up, Leroy is awesome!


Carla Truman-Taylor
Cadillac, Michigan

  September 22, 2004

Mr Gist,

I just wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I am with Hanks King Bo. We purchased him from your sale on Saturday (September 18,  2004). When we picked him up on Sunday, right away he showed what a  smart and intelligent guy he was. The wrangler was able to walk right  up to him and halter him and lead him right into the trailer. The  entire ride you could not tell he was in the trailer. When we got home  he came out of the trailer just as nice and calm as a horse that was  trailered every day. We started right away with handling him and  getting him used to our contact. He loves the attention and grooming so  much that when you stop to leave he follows you and tries to block you  and grabs at the brush in your hand as if to tell you to continue the  grooming. We had his feet trimmed yesterday and he was a gentlemen. He  stood very calmly for the farrier. In the future we plan on sending  him to a cutting horse trainer and then later adding him into our  breeding program. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted on Bo's  progress.

Christie Ratliff
Doc's Quarter Horses & Paints
Salado, TX



August, 2004

Mr. Gist,

I am familiar with the Blue Valentine breeding. I sold a 14 yr old Blue Valentine gelding last year for a customer who carried your brand. He was the kind of horse that was so consistent and honest he went to a 12 yr old girl just learning to run barrels. Then I have a young friend who just last week purchased a bay gelding with your brand that was still a horse belonging to you folks. I sure like the 2 horses I have seen and ridden. You are to be commended on doing an excellent service to the Quarter Horse Industry.

Rhonda Edmonds - Texas



July 12, 2004

Dear Mr. Gist,

We purchased our first horse from Wagon Wheel Ranch in 2000. She was a 3 year old red roan 25.8% Joe Hancock bred mare who was not yet started. We started her then took her out for her first outside ride in the park. She walked down the trail with the kids on skates and bicycles like she'd been doing it her whole life. She's turned out to be an excellent ranch horse with the steadiest temperament we've ever seen. Anybody can rope off of her, she's sure footed in the hills and she'll work all day. She's never worn shoes or taken an unsound step. She is so steady that we put the kids on her when they come to visit.

We subsequently bought a big red roan gelding from Plenty Sage Hancock out of a Pacific Baily mare. He's Chris' favorite riding horse on account of his sensitivity, athletic ability, and cowiness. He's great in the branding corral, he'll cut a cow and he can cover some country (also without shoes). He carries Chris as a member of the sheriff's mounted search and rescue team in our county.

We had looked high and low for horses like these in California to no avail. So with Fred's help we started up a small breeding operation using Hancock and Blue Valentine bred mares to outcross with a King P-234 stallion. Thank you Fred for leasing us your 45% King P-234 stallion King Forty Five Gist for a couple of years to help us get started. He has produced an excellent set of foals for us this year and he's been a pleasure to keep. His foals are so good looking that they have started selling before they were weaned. We'll miss King Forty Five Gist and we hope our own, young 42% King P-234 stallion, King Doodlebug, will be able to fill his shoes, so to speak!

Chris & Betsy Ketcham
Paicines Ranch Quarter Horses
Paicines, California
Visitors Welcome
(831) 801-7910




June 9, 2004

Dear Mr. Gist,

I wanted to let you know how Berts Bayou is doing since I purchased him at your last sale in May. You most likely don't remember me, but I had emailed you about 10 or so colts that you had listed on your site for sale, this was in April.  You graciously called me back while I was at work and we talked about your horses.  I waited for the May sale because that was off of Randy's ranch and they were the lines I was interested in.

When I arrived at the sale, I immediately walked over to the yearling and two year old stallions.  I found four that were not on my list when I arrived but were now at the top of it.  And I have to say that Berts Bayou was now number one!  He was so friendly at the pen gate and greeted every visitor who came by his pen.  I had to have him!  I am a sucker for a great disposition.

Bert has been with our trainer for a week now and the trainer just loves him, he even offered on two separate occasions now to purchase him from me.  Bert is not for sale, it took me a long time to find "just the right one" and he is it.  I gave my sale catalog to the trainer and he will be attending your September sale, he is interested in buying an Oklahoma Star/Bert bred horse of his own.  His son is a prca roper and he wants Bert also, but I am sending them to you to find their own Bert, mine is mine.

Thank you so much for breeding such a great horse, I have BIG PLANS for Bert in the future!  I will keep you posted with his progress, if you would like to know.

Many thanks,
M. Ahlers
Houston, Texas



March 31, 2004

Dear Mr. Gist,

I have bred Quarter Horses and Appaloosas since the 50ís.  The horses that I bought from you have been outstanding!  They have exceptional conformation and intelligence, natural cow, speed, agility, cat quickness, outstanding bone, feet and legs!  They always want to please, and have the stamina, endurance and heart not to quit you all day long!  The mares are tops in everything, including milking and mothering ability.  They are some of the very best Iíve ever owned.

They are exceptional horses that reproduce themselves, or better consistently! They are the kind which can be the cornerstone or foundation for any breeding program or improve any breeding program.  A man can make a living catching wild cattle, penning, sorting, arena or rodeo on these horses, plus they are a pleasure to own and handle!

Iíve never seen better!  Your hospitality and honesty was also very much appreciated.


W.B. Wright
Rt. 4, Box 582
Jacksonville, Texas  75766
(903) 586-8323

P.S. - We usually have a few good ones for sale.


Little King Duke
1999 Bay Stallion
40.625% King P-234
Sire: Cow Bo Country
Dam: Dukes Summers Gold

Two different trainers have told Mr. Conrad that Little King Duke is the most intelligent horse with which they have ever worked.

Mr. Steve Conrad
Union, Mississippi
(601) 774-0498


November 13, 2003


Sorry I am so late answering yor letter about a testimonial on the King P-234 bred horse I bought from you. We didn't have Little King Duke very long before we discovered he was not an average horse. It has been a real pleasure owning and working with him. I was really amazed at how easy he was to start under saddle.

After I started him under saddle and conditioned him for about 3 months, he was introduced to cattle. Duke was worked on rating cattle for about 3 months. It was at this point I discovered he was a natural at cutting. He is just eat-up with cow. I began hauling Little King Duke to a cutting horse trainer once a week. He was worked on cattle like this for about 5 months. The more we worked him on cattle, the better he got. Duke really loves cow work. We decided then to leave him with the trainer. He has been with the trainer(Randy McCullar) for about eight months now.

The following is what Little King Dukes' trainer has to say:

To Whom it May Concern

"I met Steve Conrad in the summer of 2002 at a cutting in Mississippi.

He was riding this pretty little bay stud, so I went up to him and was happy to hear his breeding. I think we need more foundation in our business. After we talked and visited a while Steve decided to come ride with us on Thursdays of each week. I was happy to see how calm and smart this little bay horse was , and how easy he was to show things and how quick he picked them up. Steve gave me the privilege to ride this nice colt and it was like sitting in a rocking chair. He was quite easy to show new things and quick to pick it up, then when I got to start him on cattle I was amazed at how easy he was to start and how he retained what I showed him. His future looks bright and I enjoy working with him everyday."

Randy (Huck) McCullar

I enjoyed my visit to the Wagon Wheel Ranch and meeting you and your family. It is my genuine belief that Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses breeds the best stock horses in the country. Little King Duke is much more than an equine investment, he is part of the family.

I am currently working on a magazine ad. Last night I called Randy to ask him if he agreed with the ad and he said he did and to put in it that Little King Duke is the most intelligent horse he has ever ridden.

Your friend and customer
Steve Conrad
Union, MS


King Hank Bo

"...King Hank Bo, a 40 percent King colt bred by (Fred) Gist and owned by Jeff Marchand. With trainer Clay West, the horse earned 41 points competing in 10 different National Foundation Quarter Horse Association events during his first year of showing."   Wenholz, Sushil Dulai.  "King: Why the Monarchy Lives On." Performance Horse Vol. 16 No. 8  (December 2003): Page 70-78.

Cold Creek Land & Livestock Corp.
PO Box 300
Wolfeboro, NH  03894

"King: Why the Monarchy Lives On." is an excellent article on King. We highly recommend that you read the article if you have not already! You can order reprints from Performance Horse Magazine. www.performancehorse.com


February 3, 2004


Please let your father know that the horse I bought from him has been an absolute dream come true.  He has a wonderful disposition and is the quickest learner I have ever worked with....

Wheeler Magee
San Marcos , Texas


April 18, 2003

Hi Fred,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Buster Flit Bar and Roany.
Buster and I will compete for the first time tonight at a local roping.
Will let you know if we do any good this night in terms of taking any
money home. I don't expect to, it is still too early and I'm roping
with #1 and #2 ropers, so they don't catch much to begin with. At any
rate, he continues to do extremely well after being in the arena for
only 6 hours. Farrier came out yesterday and he said he was much better
also. Buster measures, with a level, right at 15.1 and I didn't get a
chance to tape him for weight, but will soon and let you know. "Little"
Roany measures 14.1 (at least, may go to 14.2) and was about 750 lbs
earlier this week. He picks up his feet on queue and did well with the
farrier also. He is trailer broke already and learns quickly. He is
pretty much "dog gentle" just the way I like them. I just love these
two horses.

Thanks for the opportunity to own what I consider the best bred, good
minded, great looking horses that I have ever owned!

J. R. Gutierrez
Newalla OK



April 26, 2003

Mr. Gist, We were taking pictures of our horses the other day and got
this picture of Juniper Town, one of Plenty Sage Hancock's daughters. I
thought you might enjoy seeing another picture of her. She sure is
getting big! I enjoyed reading some of the testimonials on your web
site the other day, especially the one about Plenty Sage being so
gentle. All the horses that we bought from you plus their offspring
have turned out great. All have some of the great feet and terrific
temperaments. We have a daughter of Jae Bar Give, Loutons Quest, that
has the most perfectly shaped feet that never crack or peel off. Her
dam was a daughter of Town Honor. We bred Jackie Sonoita Leo, a Charlie
Mambo daughter, to a grandson of Leo, Bug Me Bright, last year. What a
terrific looking stud colt. When I researched his pedigree I was
surprised to learn how many great thoroughbreds Jaggidy Jack goes back
to through his dam in addition to Leo. He probably does back to the
large heart as well if not better than any ranch stallion in the
country. Hope all is well with you.

Nick Collatos
Ash Fork AZ



March 1, 2003

We purchased a gelding bred on your ranch, Domino Gist, dob 4/19/91. My
husband is a "city boy" and I wanted his first experience to be good
with horses. We found Big Gray as we call him through friends.

Big Gray is exactly what we needed. He's very gentle, kind and has soft
eyes! We've had little kids on him, sometimes three at a time! I think
they could swing on his tail and he'd be just fine.

I appreciate what you do and how your ranch brings horses along if Big
Gray is any indication. We just love him, and he landed in the clover
when he came to us!

Thanks again,

Debra R. Spellings
Hutto TX



November 5, 2002


I showed up at the Wagon Wheel Ranch looking for a King 234 bred stallion to use as an all-around horse. I was in need of a stallion that is #1, have enough bone to carry 320 pounds three to four days a week at team roping, #2 have a workable disposition, #3 not too hard on the eyes.

With that description Mister Gist and I went on our quest and at the end of the day I left it to Mister Gist's knowledge of his horses and what I was in dire need of. He narrowed it down to two young stallions; a black son of a La San Peppy and a Jaggidy Jack mare, and a sorrel son of Plenty Sage Hancock out of a linebred Hancock. Well, both horses were individually in my price range, thank God. I told him to give me a couple of days to decide and I saw the look on his face of a man who just spent eight hours with a tire kicker. I wanted both, but I had to decide. It was a tough call, but I went with the 18 month old sorrel by Plenty Sage Hancock. My decision was made because when we were looking at the stud horses, the ranch boss had no problem with his little daughter petting the huge blue stallion named Plenty Sage Hancock. I took notice that every time he had told her to stay back away from the other stud horses and it hit home with me that he was gentle enough when we were looking him over that the ranch boss did not have to keep his little daughter in the corner of his eye.

So I bought Red Black Hancock as an 18 month old colt. He was an over-sized Hancock with two crosses to Driftwood one of the crosses is to a King 234 daughter, one cross to Eddie, and one cross to Blue Rock. Red Black Hancock, AKA Red, has been everything Mister Gist said he would be and so much more. If he only knew, I don't think he would have even sold him. At twenty months old I sent him to Randy Peterson to put a start on him. With ten rides Red was ready for me to take over (side note: I am a very novice rider).

As a two year old, Red started to show what was to come. Red and I were at a team roping in a California Round Robin in which every heeler that catches for you, in the second round you switch sides. Well, in this one, Red was just getting used to heading and had never ever been in the heeler box. We pulled 1st and 2nd places and I am still smiling about that night. Now I am going to tell you about the day the Tyler Saddle Club found out that Red was a stallion. I had my brother's kids and step-daughter; and my sister's daughter and her friend over for the annual Children's Home Charity Playday. Red was still two years old and the saddle club bent the rules for charity. Red had four youth riders that day for the children aged 5, 9, 10 and 16. All but the 16 year old girl were total beginners. They all rode exhibition and they all rode in my saddle. The 5 year old did poles, barrels and rescue with a ten year old girl. The 9 year old boy did poles. The 10 year old girl did rescue, poles and barrels. The 16 year old did poles and barrels and used a whip. Well, the other youth told their parents right quick that a little girl was riding a stallion and therefore I got many inquiries that day. I will never forget that day and it will be hard for me to ever be as proud as I was that day.

Well, Red is going to be a 6 year old in 2002. Red has won ribbon roping, team roping, reining class or events. Red placed in tie-down, breakaway, poles, barrels, rescue race, halter, Western Pleasure, Western riding, showmanship, trail, and straight-away barrels. Red is an all entry horse. At our state show that was held Labor Day weekend, Red was the reserve high point for 18-39 class. The lady that beat us used two horses; one for speed and one for judge. Red did it all himself and was hauled back and forth each day for the three day event.
Now for Red's riding; Red has carried so many youth and beginners that I can't keep up with them. He has carried legally blind (but he can't be the lead horse on those days), and my sister is physically handicapped from a car accident, and also my mother that is sixty-seven years old.

Currently Red is team roping on both ends and calf roping. He heads for me and heels for a special friend of mine (this friend has overcome severe head trauma in a riding accident in the early 90's) and Red also calf ropes with both of us. When my friend gets on him, Red gets smooth and soft and I get the biggest thrill watching those two work together.

Red Black Hancock has been so much more. He is a big boned roping horse with a working disposition and not hard on the eyes horse. Red Black Hancock was picked due to Plenty Sage Hancock being gentle enough for kids to be around. Mr. Gist, I feel very lucky to have this horse. I am thankful for your knowledge of your horses and your help in selecting
Red Black Hancock.

Alan Duncan
P. O. Box 524
Bullard, Texas 75757



October 8, 2002

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gist,

Thanks for your letter of September 10th asking if we would like to submit a testimonial. As you know, we are delighted with the horses we have bought from you. Here is a short re-cap of some of them:

Cow Bo Country daughter: has done very well in cutting, earned her Certificate of Ability, placed in some Limited Age Events, NCHA LTD $4,257. A true cow horse and tough as they come. She is currently bred to NCHA World Champion Sonitalena, we think she'll be an outstanding producer.

Hankins Goldnugget daughter: my personal horse used for ranch and cattle work, very cowy and athletic, now retired to broodmare. She has produced an outstanding red dun filly that we will start in 2003, and is currently bred to Justa Swinging Peppy (top cutting horse stallion).

Jae Bar Given daughter: Looks just like her father, and is athletic. She is still in cutting training, and reads a cow very well for a 3-year old. Tremendous stop. We have very high hopes for her and she is being campaigned in Limited Age Events and weekend cuttings.

Starbert Doublestar daughter: also in training for cutting. Fluid and smooth mover, exciting to watch, excellent trainable attitude. Very sharp and catty on a cow. She will start her show career in January 2003.

Our little band of mares from your breeding program is exactly what we hoped they would be: performers and producers. You can be sure we will continue to let you know how they are doing.

Kimberly A. Syra
P. O. Box 441
Veguita NM 87062



October 12, 2002

A few years ago, I found myself searching for a replacement ranch horse. I had been breaking so many horses for other people that I had neglected to break and train any for my own use. While searching the Internet, I ran across a web site advertising Hancock horses. Fred Gist, owner of the Wagon Wheel Ranch, posted the site. A subsequent visit to the Wagon Wheel Ranch fulfilled an old dream; provided me with the best-minded horse I have ever known; and presented me with several new opportunities.

I grew up dreaming of owning a horse from the Hancock bloodline. As a kid, I read all of the popular horse magazines of the 1950's and 60's. During that era, many of the top calf ropers were riding Hancock horses, and I use to fantasize about roping on one of those horses. By the time I was grown and got out on my own, Hancock horses had lost their popularity, at least in the area where I live, and I had forgotten about this remarkable bloodline. Seeing Fred's ad renewed my curiosity in them.

I contacted Fred and made arrangements for a visit to look at some of the horses he had for sale. My wife and I arrived in Lampasas on a Friday evening and checked into a motel. We gave Fred a call, and he made arrangements to pick us up for breakfast the next morning. He spent the weekend showing my wife and me his horse operation, and what an operation he has. I've never seen so much good horse flesh in one place in my life. He has a line breeding program designed to preserve many of the Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines. Fred is not only an excellent breeder of horses; he is also a wonderful host and has a wealth of knowledge on the genealogy of the Foundation Quarter Horse. By the end of visit, my wife and I had decided to have a try at raising some horses of our own. We purchased a 10 month old Blue Roan colt, Docs Blue Hancock ("Blue"), who goes back to Joe Hancock by way of Blue Valentine, and has two pair of matched chromosomes. Also bought a King bred two year old Buckskin filly, with one pair of matched chromosomes, and a three year old Three Bars filly.

When we got home, I turned out the colt and the two fillies in the same pasture to give them time to grow up. From the beginning, this colt was just like a puppy. Everywhere I went he would follow along. I would lay something down, and the next thing I knew he would be chasing the mares around the pasture with it in his mouth. He is extremely curious and just loves to be around people. As you may have guessed, this colt grew up quicker than I had planned. He pasture bred these two fillies before he was 20 months old. Due to a barbed wire accident, this colt was coming three before I was able to start breaking him. I was somewhat apprehensive about how successful I would be at breaking a 15 hand stud weighing over a thousand pounds that had been running with his mares. However, my apprehension was needless. This colt has never bucked with me. There were times when I thought that he was going to, but I was always able to talk him out of it. He is one of those horses that you just have to show him what you want, and he does it like he has been doing it forever. I waited until 2001 when Blue was five, so that his joints were well on their way to closing, before sending him to my friend, Frank Lindley, in Mertzon, Texas to be trained for team roping. In my younger days, I had done some heading and was hoping to get back into the sport. Frank is a former PRCA Steer Roper and quite a hand with a horse. He first started Blue out heeling and later went on to train him for heading. During this time, my wife and I were making frequent trips to Mertzon to check on Blue, and to visit with Frank and his wife Kay, who is also a Team Roper. After being around all of these ropers, my wife decided that she wanted to learn how to rope. Frank, being the accommodating person that he is, began teaching my wife and me how to rope heels. Picture this, a 50 year old woman, who hasn't ridden a horse in 30 years and who is just trying to learn how to swing a rope, mounted on a 5 year old stud, who is still being trained as a heel horse. You're probably saying, "this is going to be a wreck," and normally so would I. She, like any beginner, roped Blue around the head, the front feet, the back feet and every place in between. Blue just took it in stride and kept putting her in position to rope the steer. We have shown Blue in several of the WFQHA shows where he has placed in the heading, heeling, steer stopping and ranch riding events. In the future we hope to show him in other Foundation Quarter Horse shows. He is the best-minded horse that I have ever been around.

We will be standing Blue to a few outside mares in 2002. We also have a couple of his offspring for sale. He has matured into a beautiful 15-2 hand 1350 stud that passes his great mind and athletic ability on to his
offspring. If you're interested in booking your mare for 2003, or in purchasing a colt, contact me.

Tyrus Jeffers
302 County Road 231
Freeport, Texas 77541



September 30, 2002

Dear Mr. Gist,

There is hardly any way I can put into words how much I love Jack King Bo, the 2000 gelding we purchased from you. I've started a few colts over the years and I've never had one like this one.

We ranch in eastern Kansas, have 200 cows, summer 2000 yearlings, and run a small starter yard. Finally I have found a horse that can and will do it all for me. He is a natural around cattle, always on alert, watching and ready to make his move. I've worked hard on putting a firm foundation on him so that as I move him into cattle more and more, I will have a good handle on him. He stands about 14 hands now and he is not over stocky, he is perfect. He moves like a cat, quiet and he never wastes a step in the lots. He is like a sweep. I know now how important genetics are in finding a real cow horse, and you have them in your herd.

People around here drop their jaw when they see him work and I am so proud to show off your brand and the best part is, I don't even think about my cancer any more. Bo has taken its place in my mind with nothing but happy exciting thoughts. I hope to buy another one within a year or so. Thank you so much.

Marcia Borst
P. O. Box 388
Eureka KS 67045



September 25, 2002

You have recently sent my parents a letter wondering about the horses that they have purchased from you. My parents gave me one of your horses for my sixteenth birthday.

My name is Darci Bierling and I am a senior who is attending Allegan High School. I enjoy playing sports, riding, hanging out with friends and most of all, barrel racing. I have been around quarter horses for about eight years now. In the past four years I have been showing my quarter horse mare, Miss Poco Leo Peppy, in NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association) and in the past two years in AQHA. This year I am focusing more in showing on the quarter horse circuit.

I am currently on the Michigan quarter horse team and the West Michigan quarter horse team for Congress. I also participate on the high school equestrian team for Holland Christian High School. We currently are district champions! During the winter we also compete in local rodeos. Poco and I keep busy all year long. Recently we have just come back from the MBHA youth world championships. We did really well; we placed in the top 50 out of nearly 700 teenagers. At the end of August beginning of September were our state championships. In the first go we took forth in the first division. Then in the finals we finished fifth overall in the second division.

Poco is a remarkable and athletic horse. She is a 15-2 1/2 hand buckskin mare. Her sire is La San Peppy and her dam is Miss Taito Lou. Barrel racing is not the only thing that we do; we also work on cows and do a lot of trail riding. She can cut, rope and team pen a cow. We also have done a little bit of reining too. Also to add to her list we do some English in our spare time (she is an excellent English horse). I am real happy with her and I hope that people who have the same breeding are as successful with theirs as I am with mine.

Darci Bierling



September 28, 2002

I drove to Texas on 12 December 1999 to Wagon Wheel Ranch and purchased a 19 month old stallion by the name of Rowdy Bleu Val. He had not been handled very much, so when I got him back to the stable in Shelbyville, IL the owner, Cheryl Pettyjohn started working with him and it took her
five months to get him to where you could ride him. They got together every Friday evening and played with calves doing some cutting and I would go down and ride him around the cattle. He was quiet and not afraid of the cattle.

When he was two years old (May 2000) I bred two mares to him. One is a blue roan and the other one is a bay. The blue roan mare had a red roan horse colt which is 16 months old and stands 14 3/4 hands. He is a very big boned colt and is easy to handle, is halter broke, loads in trailer and has had his feet trimmed since he was four months old. He is still a stallion. He is for sale.

The bay mare had a red roan horse colt which is 16 months old and stands 14 hands. He is medium built like his mother and he also is halter broke, loads in trailer and has had his feet trimmed since he was four months old. He is still a stallion. He is for sale.

This year the blue roan mare had a red roan filly. She is almost four months old. She is very pretty and will make a good show prospect. We are going to keep her as a broodmare when she gets old enough to breed.  I will breed her to Rowdy when the time comes.

Rowdy also bred a bay mare of Cheryl Pettyjon's for a 2002 colt. It was a red roan filly. So far Rowdy has produced four red roan colts out of four breedings.

We have not advertised Rowdy for breeding except at the stable where I have him boarded. My breeding fee is $500.00 LFG. No one has approached me to breed to him. In this part of the country where I have him boarded the people want to breed to a stallion in the neighborhood of $250.00. I feel if I lowered my breeding fee I would get some mares that could throw a bad colt due to the mare not being very good and I don't want to see any colts out of Rowdy like this. I feel that if they want to breed to him they more than likely have a good mare to breed.

We have a roping club not too far from my house (40 miles). I am getting some pictures of the two horse colts and intend on taking them over to the roping club and see if they will advertise them for me.
Both colts would make good prospects for roping horses.

We have bred the bay mare back for a 2003 colt. We left the blue roan mare open this year due to her having trouble foaling the first big red roan colt. We will be breeding her back for a 2004 colt.

Gene Blakey
Circle 7 Bar T
Gene and Bonita Blakey Owners
RR #2 Box 162
Moweaqua IL 62550



September 16, 2002

Dear Fred,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased we are with Jabelina Par. A Par Three and Sugar Bars/Flit mare, she has produced some very nice foals for us. Jab is an extremely intelligent mare and a very good mother. We've had four foals off her; two from a stud you stood, one from an own son of Little Peppy and a long yearling from a Pacific Bailey/Flit Bar stud.
We sold Hankins Tivio Sugar, our beautiful red roan gelding by your stud, to PRCA roper Brian Briggs as a young four year old expecting to see him in the arena mid-way into his five year old year. After seven months Brian sold his using horse and has started hauling Hank. He says Hank is so solid that it's hard to remember he's only a baby. I expect great things from Hank and I'm looking forward to seeing him in the arena next season.

Of Jab's other foals; we use the three year old Little Peppy mare, under saddle for four months, to work cows in our pasture, play a southern version of polo with a big beach ball and walking sticks, and trail riding. She is really sane and doesn't get excited when balls, cows or anything else come at her. I think she'll run and am about ready to start her on barrels. The long yearling, Flit Bar breeding on both top and bottom, I intend to run barrels on. I've chosen very nice studs but believe the majority of a foal's disposition and personality come from the mare. We've been pleased with Jabelina Par's get and are looking forward to 2003 when she'll present us with a foal by a winning roping stud, an own son of Panama Jet.

Naturally, being a breeder, Jab's foals are offered for sale. I use my horses and will continue to do so until they sell. Any consideration you can give me in this respect will be appreciated. My web site is: www.geocities.com/therockingcranch e-mail: rockingc@hiwaay.net and I can be contacted by phone or fax at 334-288-6932.

Cindy Cauthen
Rocking C Ranch
7701 Pettus Road
Lapine AL 36046



September 22, 2002

I have been the owner of two horses bred and foaled on Fred Gist's Wagon Wheel Ranch. Both horses are of good bone and temperament. The using kind.

But the real story of the Wagon Wheel Ranch is Fred Gist himself. Most of us can put the name of the honest people we have dealt with on a small scrap of paper. Fred Gist's name is on my scrap. If Fred says it, he lives by it!!

Michael R. Dean
P. O. Box 373
Dewey AZ 86327



September 16, 2002

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gist,

Just a note to let you know how the horses we have purchased from you have done.

I bought a 1995 yearling sired by Hankins Goldnugget out of a Jaggidy Jack daughter. He was very easy to break and train (no buck). My son, Abel, used this colt to team rope and pasture rope. He had the smoothest ride (several people said you could drink a cup of coffee at a lope on him), was very athletic and willing to learn and could have been a great one, but was tragically killed in 1998 in a traffic accident.
We returned to Wagon Wheel Ranch and purchased a striking, good looking 1997 colt we had noticed as a baby. He was by Charlie Mambo and 38% Leo bred. He has made one heck of a ranch and competition horse, very level headed and versatile, who will really work a cow in the pens, and catch and pull the bad ones in the pasture. He is quiet in the roping box and really wants to please. My son also uses him as the outrider horse at Delta Downs Track. It is beautiful to watch him working. He is always low headed and has a good slow lope, but can really turn up the speed in arena or pasture. He would be very hard to replace.

Gerald Dennis
1164 Hwy 109
Vinton LA 70668



September 25, 2002

I bought Buck Hancock Gray from Wagon Wheel Ranch. He is 23.4% Joe Hancock and 28.125% King County Joe. He has sired some really nice foals. We're riding him now, he is good minded, and coming along really nice.

Brent Hamilton
Route 1 Box 8A5
Telephone TX 75488



September 30, 2002

Hello, this is D. D. and Sue McCullough. Have you ever searched for a real breeding stallion or mare in the U.S.? We have, driving long distances, and making a lot of long distance calls from coast to coast and Texas to British Columbia, Canada.

Our search ended at Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses, Lampasas, Texas
(Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Gist)!

We purchased a stud (Jacks Falcon Lynx) which was bred to be a breeding horse, and he has proved out to be just that! He carries eight matched pairs of chromosomes (out of a total of thirty-two pairs), 68.8% Jaggidy Jack (by Two Eyed Jack), and 34.4% Two Eyed Jack. His foals are excellent! He is a joy to own, and has done what he was bought to do - put excellent quality foals on the ground! He is one of the most gentle natured, people loving stallions that we have ever been around or handled! Just stop by Jordan Creek Farm, and see him and his get anytime, or call us at 1-601-833-2204 and ask for a video tape.

D. D. and Sue
Jordan Creek Farm
960 Mt Olive Road
Bogue Chitto, MS 39629



August 22, 2002

Dear Mr. Gist,

A few years ago we purchased a weanling stud colt from you along with a King bred mare. We have had nice babies out of the mare and very nice babies by the stud. His third set of foals is on the ground now. All of his get have been colored and almost all of them are red roan. We have a website at: rigginsquarterhorses.com where you can see him and a few of his babies. Mr. Redman was nice to start and is riding well and his offspring have been a pleasure to work with. We enjoyed the time we spent with you and your wife and you can see that this has worked out well for us.

Bruce Nauman and Bill Riggins



September 26, 2002

I bought Trey Bar Jack as a two year old to be used specifically for my team roping horse. He is now five and I am happy to say I am very pleased! Trey has great athletic ability, lots of speed and good looks. Add to that smart, quiet and fun to ride. I'm sure he would excel at anything you asked him to do. I've had many compliments on him, and a few offers from team ropers that know a good one when they see one.

I am proud to own him.

Alvin Ruddock
809 East County Road 146
Midland TX 79706
915 684-4417



September 18, 2002

I have purchased several young horses from Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses. All were nice and turned out to be very trainable. However, the last one was outstanding. He was a two year old stallion sired by Hankins Goldnugget and out of Carla Tari. He had been handled some and was halter broke. In less than two weeks we were riding him and he was very trainable and a good moving colt. I really like the Goldnugget colts. We rode him about 60 days and he was riding and handling good. I showed him to Joe Hayes, a local pro reining horse trainer, and he bought him to train up for reining which he did and in 60 days had him sliding 15 feet.

Mr. Gist is always fair and very honest and to the point on all his horses. He has a great set of horses, with outstanding bloodlines, and I enjoy looking at his horses and doing business with Fred and his crew at Wagon Wheel Ranch Quarter Horses.

George Woolard
George and Sharon Woolard Quarter Horses
8195 Country View Lane
Sanger TX 76266

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